Fiction authors, do you:

  • struggle with flat or unsympathetic characters who don’t engage the reader?
  • spend too much time telling and not enough showing?
  • have difficulty bringing your setting and your world alive with sensory details and consistent world building?
  • or does your book limp along with low stakes, info dumps, and awkwardly placed story beats?

Nonfiction authors, do you:

  • have amazing and insightful content, but find it difficult to express your thoughts in clear, concise language?
  • suffer from disorganized content, or get feedback that your books are difficult to understand or—even worse—boring?
  • or perhaps the grammar and typos in your book detract from your credibility as an expert in your subject?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Editing-Genie, a freelance editing service for fiction and nonfiction writers that offers fast turn-around times, reasonable rates, and kind—but brutally honest—edits and critiques for short stories, novellas, novels and nonfiction books. My client list includes journalists, traditionally published authors, and nonfiction writers.

To learn more about my rates and the types of services I offer, please check out the links below.